Hi, I'm Anna!

I'm currently a Software Developer at PayByPhone, and I recently graduated from UBC with a BA in Computer Science. Besides coding, I love cooking, reading thriller novels, and consuming questionable amounts of caffeine.



  • JavaScript
  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • Java
  • C#
  • C/C++
  • SQL


  • Git
  • Docker
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Visual Studio


Software Developer @ PayByPhone Technologies

Identity Team

Jan 2022 - Present

  • Maintaining and adding new services to an internal RESTful API written in C# that manages user accounts and identities, using CI/CD to streamline the iteration process
  • Contributing to an end-to-end automated test suite written in Python using the PyTest framework
  • Defining the technical design of new features to clearly communicate proposed solutions with colleagues
  • Containerized a legacy service in the CI/CD pipeline using Docker
  • Facilitating SCRUM meetings, grooming JIRA tickets, refining acceptance criteria, and participating in code reviews

Software QA Analyst Co-op @ Copperleaf Technologies

Customer Delivery Team

Jan - Dec 2020

  • Developed test plans and generated complex test data for executing tests varying from Regression, Functional, Localization, UI, API, and Automation testing
  • Provided detailed reports of software defects and verified bug fixes
  • Documented a step-by-step and troubleshooting guide to improve the workflow of running automation test scripts
  • Presented a case study to contribute a deeper understanding of the flagship product to enhance testing practices


Call Graph Generator


Oct - Nov 2021

  • Developed the back-end within a team to implement a program analysis tool in Java that evaluates a given source code to produce a visual call graph of a particular execution
  • Leveraged JavaParser and the Visitor pattern to generate and traverse Abstract Syntax Tree of source code

Weather App


Jun 2021 - Present

  • Designing and building a weather app with React, using the OpenWeatherMap API to retrieve the current weather, temperature, and UV Index for a given location
  • Writing unit and API tests with Jest to ensure app works as designed after code refactoring
  • Adding more features such as a 5-day weather forecast, and changing the UI colour scheme based on the weather and temperature

TCP Server & Client


Mar - Apr 2021

  • Implemented a simplified Netcat clone using socket programming in C with a feature that allows server to connect to multiple clients using synchronous I/O multiplexing and multithreading

Rock Paper Scissors Game


May 2021

  • Created a fun UI for a rock-paper-scissors game using HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript

Todo List


May 2021

  • A simple to-do list made in HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript
  • Added creative touches by experimenting with CSS filters and gradients to achieve a glassmorphism style
  • Converted to-do list data to JSON, utilized local storage to persist and update to-do items

Food Delivery Database GUI


Nov 2020

  • Collaborated in a team of 3 to implement a Java application that provides a GUI for the user to run SQL queries of the data from a fictional food delivery service
  • Designed ER diagram for mapping out relationships between entities of the database
  • Utilized Java's JDBC API to connect the app with the UBC CS department's Oracle DBMS, and designed GUI with Java Swing